Central Fire District
- Serving Since 1933 -


A message from the Chief

Welcome to our website. Central Fire District is ready to serve and protect your family or property whenever an emergency occurs. We consider it an honor to care for the residents of Green and Wayne Townships and the Village of Smithville. 

Our trained and dedicated staff would also like to extend our services of fire prevention tips, replacement smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, reflective address signs, and free smoke detectors to any individual or business needing those items. In addition, we offer fire extinguisher training and various emergency-related training sessions. 

Our goal is to assist and support you and your family with fire prevention, life and property protection, and to minimize loss in times of crisis. 

Please volunteer today. Volunteers are constantly needed at local shelters, churches, food pantries, or at the fire department. Your gift of time will help all the citizens of Wayne and the surrounding counties. 

Have a safe day,


 Mark A. Burns, Chief